This Flow chart shows the correct steps in paint correction. These steps should be taken in the exeact order based on the condition of your vehicle.  
 Having the ability and equipment to do this type of service for the customers sets Miller’s Detail and Wash Spot apart from the rest. 
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  • The correct steps to paint correction! "I get asked all the time do I wax?" ANSWER "Yes" .We offer wax as a stand alone protector without correcting any surface paint correction..I highly encourage you to follow the Chart so your car will look its very best for as long as you have your car!
  • "How long does it take"? 0-2 hrs on every step. 6 to 8 hrs on a badly scarred vehicle.
  • Now, what else can cause swirl marks besides poor washing technique?
    • Brush car washes
    • Leaving salt and dirt on the surface for long periods of time
    • Just simply driving
    Yes, I am sorry to say, but unless you plan on garaging your car 24/7 and never driving it you will EVENTUALLY get swirl marks. The key is how severe they are and how deep.