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Why detail your car?

There are numerous reasons to regularly have your car detailed by the pros at Miller's Detail And Wash, but some of the most prominent reasons are:

1. Interior Condition - Regular detailing helps prevent odors, remove stains, protect services from fading or cracking, and can even improve the resale value of your car.

2. Tire Condition - Oils, build-up, and other sediment can have a negative effect on the driving condition of your tires. Regular detailing and professional washing can help prevent wear and tear on the tires from these conditions.

3. Proper Lighting - Part of a detail and wash service is making sure your headlights are clear and pristine, which improves visibility and lighting.

hand wash service

What Does Regular Washing Provide?

There are numerous reasons to regularly have your car hand washed by the pros at Miller's Detail And Wash, but some of the most important reasons are:

1. Paint Condition - Proper polishing, waxing, and treatment of your car's exterior can greatly increase the life of a car's paint job. Don't let it fade or wear. Trust the pros at Miller's to take care of your car's exterior with a professional hand wash.

2. Road Salt - In areas that experience snow fall, road salt can be one of the best reasons to regularly wash your car. Deposits of salt and grime can build up in wells and under the chassis. Given enough time, these sediments can eat right through your paint, causing damage to the chassis that isn't easily repaired.

3. Overall Look - Who doesn't love to drive a ride that shines like new? Regular detailing and washing from our experienced team gives you that new car feeling at an affordable price. Get yours serviced today!

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  • The correct steps to paint correction! "I get asked all the time do I wax?" ANSWER "Yes" .We offer wax as a stand alone protector without correcting any surface paint correction..I highly encourage you to follow the Chart so your car will look its very best for as long as you have your car!
  • "How long does it take"? 0-2 hrs on every step. 6 to 8 hrs on a badly scarred vehicle.
  • Now, what else can cause swirl marks besides poor washing technique?
    • Brush car washes
    • Leaving salt and dirt on the…
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