For all types of vehicles!

Expert Detailing Services

For all types of vehicles!
Attention to detail is a must! We offer 100% Hand Washing Service.

100% Hand Washing!

Attention to detail is a must! We offer 100% Hand Washing Service.
Expert Detailing - Professional Washing - Amazing Service

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Expert Detailing - Professional Washing - Amazing Service

Diamond Package

Cost for our services

see our services                  Platinum Package ($1399 - $1699)

Jade Obsidian Ceramic 10H Coating 7yr protection Full Paint Correction, Econo Wash Plus Detail, Leather Reconditioning, Shampoo, Steam cleaning, *Headlight Restoration, *Plastic Restoration, *Tire Black!

The Jade Obsidian - Graphene Pro by Puris is an extremely hard, nano crystalline ceramic coating that protects your vehicle’s paint from weather, UV rays, and chemicals, also repelling water and grime.  The Obsidian - Graphene Pro has a longer working time, can be applied in larger sections, leaves a slicker surface, and is a bit more durable than the Jade Emerald Pro, making it an absolute juggernaut when it comes to providing first-rate, long-lasting clear coat protection!  

Features & Details:

 Unmatched durability and strength.  The Jade Obsidian - Graphene Pro is a 10H on the hardness scale. It provides 7 years of protection – this is basically body armor for your car!

 No further paint protection required. Waxing and sealing can be replaced with the Jade Obsidian - Graphene Pro Coating.  The Jade Obsidian - Graphene Pro is easier to maintain, lasts longer, and sheds water with ease.

 Save loads of time and effort.  The Jade Obsidian - Graphene Pro is anti-static, hydrophobic, resistant to swirls and micro-marring, and requires minimal polishing. 

 Leaves a brilliant, lasting sheen on your paint.  The Jade Obsidian - Graphene Pro isn’t just substantial, it’s also stylish.  It’s sleeker and glossier than clear coats, finishing with a deep, glassy shine.  This product is truly unrivaled amongst paint protectants!

                         Boats & RV Ceramic Package ($1299 & up)

The Jade Aquamarine Ceramic Coating is an uber-durable, nano crystalline ceramic coating specially designed to protect the surface of boats and RVs from weather, sun, corrosion, and more.  Add unparalleled protection and a glossy finish to your boats and RVs that lasts up to a year!

Features & Details:

 Tailored for durability in marine environments.  The Jade Aquamarine is 2.5 times more concentrated than Jade Quartz Pro and has a solvency specific to marine climates.  It also comes in a 60 mL bottle to account for the larger surface areas of boats and RVs.

 Shield and shine your painted surfaces.  The Jade Aquamarine Ceramic Coating forms an invisible, glossy shield on your paint that protects against the many elements that boats face – rough seas, UV rays, debris, and storms are no match!

 Outstanding durability and strength.  The Jade Aquamarine is a 9H on the ceramic hardness scale, the highest possible rating.  It provides up to two years of protection – it’s armor for your boat!

 No further paint protection required. Waxing and sealing can be replaced with the Jade Aquamarine Ceramic Coating.  The Jade Aquamarine is easier to maintain, lasts far longer, and sheds water with ease.

 Self-cleaning and incredibly low maintenance.  The Jade Aquamarine is anti-static, hydrophobic, resistant to swirls and micro-marring, and requires minimal polishing.  This saves you tons of time and effort, not to mention a much smaller cleaning arsenal.

                      Jade Sapphire Package ($999 - $1399)

Jade Sapphire Ceramic 9H Coating 2 yr Protection Full Paint Correction, Econo Wash Plus Detail, Leather Reconditioning, Shampoo, Steam cleaning, Plastic Restoration, Tire Black!

Our new Jade Sapphire by Puris is a Ceramic Coating that provides unrivaled gloss and up to 2 years of durability and protection from UV rays and corrosion. The new Jade Sapphire formula delivers better gloss, hardness, and is hydrophobic meaning it will actively repel water even better than Jade Ice! Surfaces treated with Jade Sapphire are easier to clean and are more protected for longer-lasting protection than regular Jade Ice! Jade can be used on top of Urethane clear coats, gel coats, plastics, vinyl, rubber, metal, chrome, PPF, and glass. If you are a certified Jade Coating installer ask us for the Jade Carfax forms so you can submit your customer's vehicle information to now be included in the Carfax report. By including the Jade coating information in the Carfax report will add value when the car is marketed to be sold.

Sapphire is a clear, nanocrystalline coating that protects your vehicle from weather, chemicals, and UV rays while repelling water, dirt and other contaminants.--- Jade Sapphire applies a hard (9H), durable coating that is 2-3 micron thick and imparts a deep, reflective shine. 

Our Jade Sapphire Ceramic Coating is much like the clear coat that already exists on the vehicle, except it forms an invisible skin of protection that is much brilliant, sleeker, and less decumbent to wash-induced swirls and micro marring. Jade Sapphire creates an easy to clean finish that is considerably easier to maintain compared to traditional polishes, sealants, and waxes.

Summer Breeze Package ($599-$799)

STS 2000 Sealant 12 month protection, Econo wash plus detail, Full Paint Correction, Shampoo, Steam Cleaning, Tire Black.

                           Appearance Package 

Wash, inspect, Nano pad (clay bar), paint correction, dress tires and trim! ($399 -$599)


  1. Econo Wash($20-$60) hand wash,hand dry,dress tires/. cars($20),Trucks,SUV's,Minivan($25),Over sized vehicles $50 & up!
  2. Econo Wash Plus($35-$75) hand wash,hand dry,dress tires,vacuum & interior windows/ cars($35),Trucks,Large SUV's,Minivans($40), Over sized vehicles($50 & Up)
  3. Econo Wash Plus Cups,Cluster & Console($85-$100) hand wash,hand dry,dress tires,vacuum,interior windows,clean cup holders,instrument cluster,dash board (*3rd and 4 door vehicles)
  4. Econo Wash Plus Detail($125- $145) /hand wash,dress tires,dress wheel wells,dress molding,dress grill,door jams,trunk lid jam,clean and dress gas cap door area,clean and dress engine compartment,vacuum interior and trunk,clean cup holders,instrument cluster,dash board,vents,interior dressing! car($125), trucks.SUV's,minivans($145)
  5. RV/Campers Wash ($2.50 per linear foot) ***Do Not Dry*
  6. Box/Bucket Truck (wash only) ($55)
  7. Semi Services Tractor ($65 **$80 if dressing tires), Trailer Washes ($50)
  8. Interior Detail ($65-$90) /door panels,center consoles,all cup holders,all vents,vanity mirrors,rear view mirror,dash board,instrument panel,vacuum and clean interior windows/ Reg Cab ($65)/ Cars ($75) / SUV's($90) 
  9. Shampoo/Steam cleanings/( Enzyme)180 deg. (Urine,Feces or Vomit) ($100)
  10. Shampoo/ Seats 1 @ ($30) bench seat 1 @ ($20), 4 seats @($60) Shampoo Carpets only ($50) /SUV,s,Minivans ($75) Shampoo Carpets and seats and Headliner ($75)/ Minivans and SUV,s ($100)
  11. Vacuum ($5-$20)/ Quick Vac ($5), Sand Removal ($35), Pet Hair/fur ($25) for small SUV or car) ($50) Pet hair,Fur, or hay Large SUV and /or Minivan)
  12. Odor Removal (OZONE MACHINE) 3 day rental $100 with 6 month warranty
  13. Leather Reconditioning ($20-$100) per seat ($20)/bench seat ($30)/  4 seats ($60)/ 5*&6 seats ($90) (i.e. *bench with 4 bucket seats)
  14. Leather repair / Upholstery Repair ($35+) 
  15. Engine Cleaning ($35)
  16. Motorcycle Detail (Wash, clay/ nano, metal polish, tire dressing) ($225)
  17. Headlight Restoration Set of 2 ($50)/set of 4 ($75)
  18. Wheels ($10-$115) Brake dust removal ($10 ea.), Clean-N-Polish ($200 set of 4) $225 w/ spare
  19. Wheels (Excessive Dirt and/or Brake Dust with washes ($35)
  20. Window Cleaning ($10)
  21. Hard Water Spots (4 windows @ $30) (6 windows @ $40)
  22. Paint Correction Call for quote!
  23. Ceramic Coatings (automobiles,boats,RV's,Motorcycles) Call/stop by for quote!
  24. Surface prep, $40-$65 (clay, nano scrub, tar removal, paint)
  25. Blue Diamond Polish $175 car $200+ SUV, Minivan, 1/2 Ton trucks Larger Trucks $275
  26. Buff N Bling (compound, polish and seal) 3 in 1 $225 car $250+ SUV, Minivan, 1/2 Ton trucks Larger Trucks $325
  27. Carnuba cream wax (5-7months protection ) $90 car, SUV, Minivan, Trucks $115, larger vehicles $175
  28. STS 3000 Sealant (10-12mo protection ) $125 cars, $150 SUV, Minivan Trucks, Larger Trucks $200

Need your vehicle professionally detailed and washed? Miller's Detail & Wash can get the job done for you! We service many different types of vehicles from cars and trucks to SUVs and minivans!

Choose a professional detailing and washing service you can trust. We have more than 12 years of experience providing outstanding service to our customers, and have been serving Lebanon and the surrounding TN area since 2006!

With speedy, professional, and friendly service, Miller's Detail & Wash should be your first choice anytime you need your car serviced by a team of experienced pros! Don't wait to get started. Come by today, or contact us directly for any questions or inquiries!

Perfection is Expected! Excellence is tolerated


Your time is valuable, and so is your business. We treat every customer with professionalism, attention to detail, and fast and friendly service. Getting your vehicle taken care of with professional detailing and washing shouldn't be a hassle. With Miller's Detail And Wash, we make the process easy, affordable, and an experience you will enjoy!


Our team has been providing professional detailing and expert vehicle hand washing services to customers with a wide range of vehicles, boats, and RVs, from all parts of the U.S. since 2006. We know how to handle any detailing or hand washing job, and get it done right. Trust your vehicle to the pros at Miller's Detail And Wash.

Don't wait to get your vehicle professionally detailed and washed. Nothing beats the feeling of getting behind the wheel of a pristine and shining ride.

With affordable prices, friendly service, and years of experience at Miller's Detail And Wash, you know you will always get excellent treatment with our team. Stop by today or contact us directly if you have any questions or you would like to get your vehicle serviced!

Ford F-250 Roush Performance

Detailed this F-250 for a good friend of mine.

Paint correction on a 2017 Black Audi

Paint correction being done prior to applying Jade Quartz!

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